Think you’re lazy? Here’s how to get started with running

If you’re like me, you’re probably a little lazy. You have a sedentary job, you usually drive to work, and you’re not really in the mood to exercise. But what if I told you that you could get in shape by running for just 10 minutes a day? That’s exactly what this guide is all about.

Why should I start running?

You may be thinking that running isn’t for you because you already do other forms of exercise and you’re not really all that motivated. But think about it for a moment, when was the last time you got in shape? Do you really want to start from scratch? First, your body will need to adjust to going up to that level of exertion. So don’t expect to run for three miles right away. Instead, focus on the simple act of running for just 10 minutes a day, increasing your time every few weeks. This will be an enjoyable activity that gets you moving. How long can I expect to lose weight by running? It depends on several factors.

What is the easiest way to start running?

These short-distance running tips can help you go from zero to running 10 kilometers (6 miles) in less than a month. You can save money on healthcare with 5 exercises you can do at home that you can get for free (or almost free)! I’ve come to realize that when I first started running I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I had no idea how to change up the route. How to prepare for the cold. How to treat a sore knee. I didn’t know the answers to those questions, and I was too intimidated to seek them out. Now I want to be that person that everyone can relate to—someone who just runs. To help you get started, I’ve compiled a simple guide to running. I’m going to show you how to enjoy the running experience, as well as some great ways to keep up your motivation.

How long should I run?

I don’t really have a precise time. You should ideally keep your body temperature low, and maintain a constant heart rate. Also, if you’re a fan of crunches, start your run from the plank position. Should I run inside or outside? You decide – it’s very important that you choose your route wisely. Obviously, you can’t go outside in the middle of winter. So, what are the benefits of running? I would say that running outside in winter is better than running indoors. The reason is quite obvious. Your body is not fighting against the cold, and you’re exposed to the sun (with the proper clothing). The time of the day also matters. If it’s sunny out, don’t do your workout indoors.

What should I eat before and after a run?

This is pretty straightforward. The ideal meal prep for a run is a few ounces of meat, about 1 cup of veggies and a whole egg. The protein provides energy to your muscles and the carbs replenish what you’ve burned off. But beware of overdoing the carbs, too much or too little will really do you in and ruin your run. How do I run? Okay, that’s a little harder. A lot of people use GPS watches that monitor your speed and distance. But when I ran a half marathon, it was awesome having a friend with a Garmin watch telling me, “Okay, you’re at 15.57, you’re at 15.57. Do you want to speed up to 16 or slow down to 16?” It’s also important to watch your heart rate to make sure you’re not racing too hard. If it’s above 155 or below 130 beats per minute, you are working too hard.

What should I wear?

First things first: don’t wear any clothing that will mess with the machine. When you start out, you won’t be running for long periods of time, so take it slow and easy. Wear loose clothes like workout T-shirts and workout shorts that will allow you to move with ease. You don’t want the machine to be uncomfortable. My legs are so tired! Don’t worry. Remember how much your legs hurt when you first started running? That’s normal. It took my legs a few weeks to get used to the pace. But don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it. What if I can’t run for longer than 10 minutes? If you’re tired after a few minutes, or if you start to feel like you’re slowing down, you can always stop. But if you can keep going for longer periods of time, the same rules apply.

6 Qualities of a Great Event Website Design

Recently, most firms are using e-commerce to sell their products and brands, but that doesn’t work for all companies. An event organizing company should create an amazing website design that attracts more people and convert them into event attendees. A well-designed event website will effectively increase the number of event ticket sales. Creating an event website isn’t a simple task as many people might think. A great event website will define your goals, brand, and reputation. It’s advisable to avoid the DIY approach because using unappropriated procedures and strategies might ruin your reputation. An excellent reputation improves target prospects’ trust, thus converting them into loyal clients. The main objective of an event website is to help potential clients book tickets and learn more about present and future events. Therefore, you should consider hiring a reliable event website designer with more years of experience and an appealing reputation – we suggest Philadelphia website design company. What makes a good event website? Below are the key qualities of a great event website design:

1. Consistent Branding

Consistency is vital because it defines your loyalty, transparency, and credibility. A unique and consistent brand enhances your market share, thus playing a significant role in building a solid reputation. An event website designer has in-depth knowledge in this industry. Therefore, the best designer will use consistent messaging, uniform colors, consistent font types, standard capitalization tenets. If your clients notice a sudden change in your brand, they’ll question the credibility of your website. Organization and professionalism are essential assets of a well-designed website. A consistent website will build a concrete trust bond between the firm and target clients.

2. Create Original and Unique Content

High-quality content attracts more visitors, thus increasing website traffic. You’ll, therefore, increase ticket sales because your loyal clients will recommend their close associates. Engaging and informative content will lure your potential customers. Being unique is a significant marketing tool, that’ll help you achieve your goals. You should upload high-quality content regularly, in order to improve the accessibility of your customers. A well-designed event website is an essential marketing strategy that required maximum effort, attention, and time. If you aren’t a great content writer, then consider hiring a reputable freelance writer with adequate expertise and skills. Working with an expert will help you know more about the event industry.

3. Mobile Compatibility

A mobile-friendly event website is beneficial in various ways. For instance, according to statistics, most people use their mobile devices to access events online. Therefore, a mobile-friendly event website will increase the number of new visitors, thus maximizing your sales. Note that most individuals in the world own a mobile device, even if they’re illiterate. Therefore, a mobile compatible event website will improve your odds of attracting new guests to your website.

4. Fast Load Times

The speed of your event website matters. An event website designer will use the right and high-tech tools to improve your website’s speed. Most people won’t waste their fruitful time on a website that loads slowly. In the long run, you might even lose your loyal clients. It’s important to optimize your event website accordingly. A website that loads fast is user-friendly. Most potential clients opt for a website that can satisfy their wants. If your website loads slowly, your target client’s tastes and preferences won’t be met.

5. Responsive Design

Nowadays, most target clients will prefer a more responsive event website design. Individuals will prefer a website that comprises of latest features due to technology growth and development. A responsive website design will play a vital role in increasing organic and foot traffic. Therefore, you’ll have a golden chance to flourish in your business. The aesthetic value of your website is an essential aspect that you shouldn’t ignore.

6. Optimized

A pro event website designer should optimize your website for several search engines, browsers, and devices. Search engine optimization is important because your event website will be ranked on the top. Therefore, this improves the accessibility of your website, thus enhancing traffic and improving ticket sales. An SEO expert can help you optimize your website in order to improve the probability of reaching your potential clients.

Why Athletic Wear Is Important

Regular exercise is an important part of living a balanced and well cared-for life; making sure that your body is active provides a positive effect on both your mental and physical health, and can help provide a level of comfort in a daily routine. But as with most things related to active living, there’s always necessary preparations need to be made when considering the stress your body goes through after going for a run or doing an exercise routine. That’s why it’s important to think about the type of active wear you need to keep yourself comfortable, stress free, and stylish. In this article, we’re going to examine the benefits of athletic wear while being active, and how it’s important to remember that your body needs the correct equipment if it’s going into a high stress situation. 


The first part of understanding athletic wear is thinking about the situations that you will present yourself with when being active consistently throughout the day. Weather is an important part of choosing the right athletic gear, considering how crazy and unpredictable nature can be on a day to day basis. The sun’s rays can have damaging effects on skin, and can cause the human body to overheat in some circumstances. Loose clothing with bright colors is always recommended when being active during the day in warm weather, while the inverse is usually recommended for cold weather. Layering is necessary for body temperature regulation during cold weather activity, and even tiny things like a face mask or scarf can provide to be beneficial.


Choosing clothing that doesn’t hinder movement is recommended, considering that activewear involves being active. When choosing the right clothing you may want to try them out before buying them, so that way you feel comfortable during your day to day activities. Making sure that you use clothes that have stretchy, malleable fibers is much better than wearing something like more static fabrics like denim or khakis. The other important part is to make sure that your clothing is breathable, which also plays back into taking weather into account when exercising. In warm weather, it’s important to wear thinner clothes, while the inverse is applied in colder weather. The key with both is to make sure that movement in unhindered and easy to manage.


Another key component is confidence. Making sure that you feel self confident in the clothes you wear is crucial to the experience of working out. The better you feel in your clothes, the more likely you will be to feel positive about exercising. Luckily, there a tons of thousands of athletic wear brands to choose from, with pretty much every variety of price points. There’s always something out there for every kind of style, and you will most likely find exactly what you need to feel confident, unique, and ready to take on the day. 


Shoes are another important part of athletic wear, and as stated in another article we wrote, come in a variety of styles and functions for the type of activity you do throughout the day. Shoes can provide comfort, control, and stability on all kinds of terrains, depending on where you perform your various exercises. The other important part is making sure that they are accommodating to your specific foot type. Many people with arches in their feet are going to need different support than those with flat feet.  


So all in all, knowing what type of athletic gear to own is incredibly important, and necessary even when going out for a simple run through the neighborhood. If you want to learn more about the positive effects exercise, specifically running, on your mental health, we have an article that might suit you here. We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about the benefits of athletic wear, and apply this knowledge to your physical fitness endeavors!

Does The Right Sneaker Matter?

When pursuing anything, it’s always important to make sure you have the right gear. Whether it’s for a competitive or casual setting, being properly prepared with the right equipment is always a good measure in making sure that you are properly getting the fullest out of the activities you enjoy. Sure, sometimes those options can prove to be a bit expensive, but whether you’re a hardcore sprinter or a hobby hiker, having the right shoe can go a long way. In this article, we’re going to talk more about why it’s important for you to have the right attire for your feet in all your active pursuits. 


When finding the right shoe, it’s important to make sure to think about the activity you’re going to be taking part in, whether that’s running on grass, hiking in the woods, or jogging on the city sidewalk. It’s also important to take into account whether you’re looking for stability or control when it comes to the type of physical activity you’re looking to participate in. These factors should be taken slightly into account when looking for your perfect sneaker or shoe. What factors in specifically is how your foot lands when it hits the pavement. Most sneakers for activewear come into two specific categories: “walking” and “running.” The way that these shoes are designed are mostly around the way your foot hits the surface of what you’re walking on. 


So how do we tell when something is made specifically for walking or running? Running shoes tend to be lighter in weight but heavier in cushioning, especially for your heel and toes. Since running is an i intense sport, runners tend to exert more stress on their feet, and exert more energy. Your feet get hotter, and most of the running shoes are made of mesh to allow air to flow freely through the shoe, while keeping the shoe lighter. 


Walking shoes, tend to be heavier and less breathable but are used to alleviate stress in a different manner. Walking shoes tend to require better Arch support for your feet, and tend to have more shock absorption for people with high arches in their feet. If you have a flat foot, they also come in a variety that offer stability since more stress is put on feet with smaller arches.

Let’s break these down into different parts so it’s easier to understand what parts of the shoe affect the different parts of the foot:

  • For the sole in particular running shoes will have a stiffer sole: walking shoes will have more flexibility. 


  • In the heel running shoes tend to have thick heel wedges to provide more cushion for the foot. A thick heel when walking can cause tendonitis or shin splints, and can eve cause a walker wearing a running shoe to trip. Walking shoes are usually more beveled, and allow for higher control. 

Some other factors in choosing a shoe are separated further into two more categories:



  • Motion control is often taken into regard with the rotation of the foot, and is more exaggerated when running. Most running shoes offer motion control to keep the foot more neutral. Walking shoes provide less stability than running shoes, because it’s not as necessary for when you’re running.

  • Weight also becomes a factor because as stated earlier, running shoes often are lightweight for faster movement. Walking shoes are never necessarily heavy, but they’re always slightly heavier than running shoes for the specific need for stability. 



So when it comes to choosing the right shoe, your options are never really limited! There are thousands of athletic-wear brands out there that make hundreds of workout and activewear shoes in a variety of styles with varying amounts of comfort and support. It’s up to you to decide what’s right for you, but also important to be aware of the type of sneaker you buy before taking part in physical activity. We hope that this article has given you a little bit of insight as to what the best option in footwear!

How Running Can Help Your Mental Health

We all have days where life can have some high stress affects your daily performance. You may have had a bit of troubling information come to you from close family or a friend, or perhaps had a rough day at the office. When we as people experience harsh conditions or high stress situations, we tend to need a distraction to keep ourselves from the overwhelming situations and stresses that can negatively affect our productivity. While not necessarily a substitute for psychological and medical intervention, physical activity can help by breaking up the monotony of the day and give you an energy boost to finish your day on the strongest foot.

As you can continue to run, the obvious physical effects can lead to little improvements of various aspects of you daily life. This includes an overall improvement in respiratory functions, higher stamina when running or walking, and can also provide you with the release of endorphins and hormones that often create the “runner’s high.”

Running can also help improve your stress management by providing the body deal with a solution for existing mental tension. Exercise aincreases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps moderate the brain’s responses to stress. It can also improve the amount of vitamin D that your body absorbs on a daily basis from being out in the sun. Vitamin D is usually associated with helping lessen the impact or experience of depressive symptoms.

Running also can help with the prevention of cognitive decline. While running isn’t a “cure” for Alzheimer’s, it may help boost the brain’s ability to minimize and often slowdown the onset of this disorder. Working out between the ages of 25 and 45 boost chemicals in the brain directed to the hippocampus, the part of the brain that’s specifically important for memory and learning. Going for a run can also help with allowing your brain to move towards a calmer state of mind; the chemicals released during and after running can help people experiencing anxiety feel calmer. Whether you’re hopping on a treadmill, track, or sidewalk, pushing your body to move is a healthy way of coping with tough times.

Another benefit of running is that it can also help with exercising not just your muscles, but also your brain and the overall ability of how hard it can work. Cardiovascular exercise creates new brain cells and can improve the overall performance of your brain’s neural functions. A tough run increases your the amount of brain derived proteins in your body, which have been proven to help with higher thinking and learning, as well as decision-making. Finishing a run can also be helpful for people who have a hard time sleeping; the body’s core temperature rises during a run, and then falls afterwards, signaling that it’s time to sleep.
Productivity and creativity also get a steady boost and increase as well from going for a sprint. If you’re feeling unmotivated or lacking in creativity, a good heart pumping run can push you to find the energy and brainpower to pursue your personal artistic passions and short term goals.

Running can provide an otherwise healthy source for you improving in both your body and mental state. When you’re feeling down or frustrated with the day, physical activity can provide the right boost of energy to get you back on your feet. If you want to learn more about how to improve your daily life with running, jogging, and other physical activities, follow our active blog for future articles.

Thanks for reading, and happy running!